We are a small scratch bakery with a strong community focus.

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Convivial Cafe and Bakery is now open Wednesday through Saturday from 8:30-5:30 for sure.  We will stay open later and will open on Sunday when the weather is nice. 

    • take-out or sit-inside/outside are available
      • we have three small plexiglassed rooms indoors for you to enjoy
      • we have a very small covered space with two red easy chairs
      • we have small tables and folding chairs you can take farther afield if the weather is nice
    • orders can be made by text, email or phone (see our food menu)

Covid-19 protocols

Please do your part:

    • if you should be self-isolating, please stay away and give us a call to order free delivery in the neighbourhood
    • please keep your distance from others in line and when seated outside
    • masks are recommended when inside  (we understand some people cannot wear masks)
    • please wash or sanitize your hands frequently
    • if you are bringing your own personal mug, please make sure it is clean/sanitized

We will do our part:

    • we will not come to work if we have symptoms, have been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 or should be isolating for any other reason
    • we will continue to wear masks
    • we have always washed/sanitized our hands frequently
    • we are cleaning/sanitizing surfaces more frequently
    • we have constructed plexiglassed rooms for you to enjoy eating indoors
    • we have folding chairs/tables that you can move around outside to accommodate meeting people
    • we will serve your coffee/tea complete with cream/milk/sugar/etc as preferred
    • we will keep smiling and using bright colours! 🙂

We appreciate your continued support and will, in turn, try to continue our support.