Leg In Boot Square :: Community Happenings

Pop-up Plaza is here!!

  • The City has installed six accessible picnic tables – with lovely blue umbrellas – in Leg in Boot Square. There are also two mini tables suitable for kids.
  • We expect a few smaller, movable tables to be provided later.
  • All of these are available for use by anybody and every body. Respect for other users and neighbours is appreciated.
  • Volunteer stewards will be needed for a variety of tasks such as: keeping ‘eyes-on-the-street’, locking/unlocking movable furniture, regular clean-up… If you are interested in helping, please email convivialcafe@gmail.com.
  • The City is looking for feedback on the plaza: Call 311 or email pop-upplazas@vancouver.ca. In addition, a survey will be sent to local residents/businesses in late summer/early fall.

Leg In Boot Calendar of Community Happenings

  • To facilitate participation and planning of events in Leg In Boot Square, check out the Community Happenings Calendar.
  • If you would like to add an event to the calendar, please email convivialcafe@gmail.com and we will give you permission to make edits.
  • Saturday Afternoon Music – starts on July 24 and is still looking for more. If you know/are interested musicians or want to help, please email convivialcafe@gmail.com