Our Food Menu

We are currently open on Wednesday and Saturday only.  We do our regular baking each day.  If you would like something specific – and especially if you would like multiple items or bread – we recommend that you order ahead. 

Orders can be made in person, by text (604-679-4564), by email (convivialcafe@gmail.com) or by phone (604-675-9885).  Orders should not be assumed until confirmed and bread orders in particular should be made a minimum of one day in advance.  Large orders will require pre-payment in person or by e-transfer to the above address. 

All items can be served to eat inside/outside or to take away.


We bake a variety of goods daily.  All but the croissant, sausage rolls and baguette are made from scratch.  To ensure freshness and to accommodate variable demand, we bake throughout the day.  You never know when we might be pulling a fresh batch of triple chocolate cookies out of the oven…!

Scones – $3.10+

Our scones are appreciated for their crispy outside and fluffy inside – and because we believe that, for example, there should actually be cheese in a cheese scone!  We bake a variety daily, trying to have at least one flavour from each of the following categories.  Despite labelling some as “sweet” we rarely add sugar to the scones.  (* Indicates the most popular/common flavours.)

  • Savory non-vegetarian: bacon cheese tomato*; bacon cheese potato; pizza…  
  • Savory vegetarian: cheese jalapeno*; three cheese*; tomato basil parmesan*; potato green onion; cheddar sage and carmelized onion…
  • “Sweet” non-chocolate: cinnamon apple*; cranberry apple; cranberry orange; three berry; lemon poppy seed; raisin; London fog…
  • “Sweet” chocolate: blueberry white chocolate*; raspberry dark chocolate*; peanut butter and jam*…
  • Confusing: bacon and chocolate*; rosemary white chocolate*; jalapeno and dark chocolate…

Muffins – 4.07+

Our muffins are appreciated for their full flavour and fruitiness and for not being too sweet.  We bake a variety daily, typically with flavours from each of the following categories.  Made with 70% whole wheat flour.

  • Three berry (blueberry, cranberry, raspberry) – baked every day
  • Fruity: blueberry peach; raspberry mango; cinnamon apple oatmeal; cranberry apple…
  • Chocolatey: blueberry dark chocolate; cranberry white chocolate; strawberry double chocolate; coconut chocolate banana; raspberry mocha…
  • Vegan (baked on Thursdays): cranberry coconut zucchini; blueberry banana; carrot pumpkin seed sunflower seed; raspberry zucchini flax…

Cookies – 2.14+

Our cookies are appreciated because…. well… because they’re cookies!

  • Triple chocolate
  • Oatmeal walnut (made with whole wheat flour)
  • Cranberry cashew pumpkin seed
  • Other flavours: ginger (made with sorghum flour); apricot coconut pecan; lemon (vegan); chocolate chocolate chunk, seasonal cookies…

Banana bread – 2.62+

Made with whole wheat flour and topped with blueberries or cranberries or chocolate or…

Sausage rolls – 3.59

One of the items we bring in frozen and bake on site.

  • Spicy chicken
  • Beef and pork

Croissant – 2.50

One of the items we bring in frozen and bake on site.

Other items

We make a variety of other items depending on orders, our level of busyness, and the whim of the cook!

  • Peppermint brownies
  • Cranberry coconut zucchini bread
  • Cinnamon monkey bread
  • Cheesy monkey bread
  • Seasonal favourites


We make slow-rising bead, which is prepared up to three days ahead, proofing in a cooler.  The slow rise enhances flavour. 

  • Whole wheat – $5
    Flour, salt, yeast and water.
  • Twelve grain – $8
    A dense loaf with white and whole wheat flour as well as rye, corn, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds…
  • Nine grain – $8
    Similar to the twelve grain, but a lighter loaf with some milk, egg, honey, etc…
  • Cranberry walnut raisin – $8
    White and whole wheat flour, no sugar…
  • Irish soda bread – $8
    A non-yeast bread made with whole wheat flour and buttermilk…


As with our baked goods, we make soup from scratch.  Since we are only open two days a week at the moment, we only have two flavours.  Soup is served with bread – either slices of baguette or our home-made bread.

  • Wednesday: Split pea with ham – 6.20+
  • Saturday: Chili con carne (“with meat”) – 6.67+
  • Other flavours we hope to get back to soon: sweet potato peanut; roasted red lentil; spicy italian sausage; baked potato; curried cauliflower…


We have a selection of hot and cold beverages, including espresso-based coffees. We continue to accept your clean/sanitized personal mug.

Hot beverages

Coffee: small (8oz), medium (12 oz), large (16 oz) – 1.67+,   2.40+,  2.62+   your own cup – 1.67

Tea: small, medium, large – 1.90+   your own cup – 1.67

  • Black teas: English breakfast, Earl grey, Constant Comment, Chai…
  • Red teas: Rooibos, Spice Dragon Red Chai…
  • Green teas: Regular, Moroccan mint…
  • Herbal teas: Peppermint, chamomile, lemon ginger, licorice spice, raspberry thriller, spiced apple…

Espresso-based coffees

We use Lavazza beans and Kicking Horse decaffeinated beans. We are happy to make any espresso-based drink you can describe to us. We will make it to the best of our ability or can direct you to a nearby specialty coffee shop… 

  • Espresso (double shot) – 3.10+
  • Americano (double shot, hot water, 12 oz cup) – 3.10+
  • Canadiano (double shot, hot water, 8oz cup) – 3.10+
  • Iced coffee (double shot, ice, cold water) – 3.59+
  • Latte (double shot, steamed milk, less foam, 12 oz cup) – 4.54+
  • Cappuccino (double shot, steamed milk, more foam, 8 oz cup) – 4.07+
  • Flat white (double shot, steamed milk, no foam, 8 oz cup) – 4.07+
  • Mocha (double shot, chocolate, steamed milk, less foam, 12 oz cup) – 5.00+
  • Misto, macchiato, cortado or anything you can describe to us…

Other hot beverages

  • Hot chocolate – 3.35+
    We make our mix not very sweet – and can always add more sugar!
  • Tea lattes (see tea selection) – 3.35+
  • London fog – 3.85+
  • Golden milk (turmeric latte) – 2.63+
    Our mix has turmeric, other spices and no sugar or other sweetener.


  • Add a shot of espresso – add 1.00
  • Add a shot of syrup – add 0.25
  • Make it with soy, almond or oat milk – add 0.75
  • Make it with ice – add 0.75
  • Make it bigger – add 0.50

Cold drinks

  • Pop (coke, diet-coke, 7-up, gingerale…) – 1.67+
  • San Pellegrino (orange, blood-orange, limonata, pomegranate-orange…) – 1.90+
  • Montpellier (lemon, lime…) – 1.67+
  • Perrier – 2.00+
  • Water – 1.44+
  • Tap water in a glass – free