Our Daily Lunch Menu

This is our Convivial daily lunch menu! (Subject to change at the whim of the cook…) But no really, we’ll endevour to have these yummy options available every day.

Red Lentil Soup – simple roasted flavour
Hot and Sour Chicken Soup – no apologies! It’s hot, sour and tasty

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup – coconut-creamy, hint of curry
Tomato & Italian Sausage Soup – smokey and a bit spicy

Split Pea and Ham Soup – favourite comfort food
Pesto Pasta Salad – fresh & sundried tomatoes


Corn Chowder – coconut-creamy, vegetarian
Sweet Potato Peanut Soup – African-inspired, moderately spicy

Baked Potato Soup – yes, it’s soup. Yes, it tastes like baked potatoes!
Vegetarian Chili – make no beans about it – a simple, tasty chili

Vegetarian Chili – make no beans about it – a simple, tasty chili

Mushroom Soup – roasted with Moroccan-style spices, clear broth
Curry Chicken Soup – mild, mouth-watering coconut curry

Soups and salads are served with baguette, corn chips or sconotti. Or add $3 for a scone or croissant.


Toasted sandwiches
Breakfast Sandwich – vegetable omelette with cheese on baguette or croissant
Ham and Cheese – on baguette or croissant
Sconwich – our delicious scones with either bacon & cheese, sausage & cheese or cheese & cheese
Sincronizada – corn tortilla with cheese, pepper and sweet onion

Mix Veg Salads balsamic vinaigrette, horseradish ranch, peanut dressing…

Baked Goods – Muffins, sweet and savoury scones, cookies, croissants, sausage rolls (beef & pork, spicy chicken, vegetarian) and banana bread, pony cake or zucchini bread.

More information on all of our baked goods, food and drinks can be found on ‘Our Food’ page. This also includes information on making orders.